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Many homeowners consider their central heating system as something that they just have to live with. Whatever type of system might have been installed when they moved in is what they intend to keep unless it completely breaks down and has to be replaced at some point. However, the fact is that you can choose to replace it with something that suits your needs much better at any time, and the experts at RST Mechanical are available to help walk you through the options so that you can choose the one that is best for you.

RST Mechanical covers all aspects of heating installation services from beginning to end, and they are fully licensed and insured as well. You can choose from a huge variety of heating systems instead of sticking with what you currently have. Many clients stick with their original forced hot air heating, because that is what they have been accustomed to and it still works great. Even so, RST Mechanical can also do heating installation for radiant or heat pump systems. For some, a radiant system under the floor really works best; and ductwork is no problem, big or small.

They are even now installing pellet stoves and wood stoves that many throughout the North Kingstown, RI area find give their house a homier feel. With the advances in wood pellets, these stoves can even reach a more than 90% efficiency factor, making them a green option!

There really has never been a better time to think about new heating installation, or a better business to call with any of your questions and concerns. Learn more from one of RST Mechanical’s knowledgeable experts by calling today!

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